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- We are proud to present our 9 foot long Plastic Vines which only cost a fraction of what retail craft and flower stores charge.
- We are the nation's leading source for Plastic Vines in bulk.
- Our vines are available to the public for the consumer at wholesale prices
- We also offer Commercial, Industrial or Large quantity bulk discounts.
- Our warehouse ships to North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Australia daily.

Example of our Standard Vines (complete with grape bunches) at a customers outdoor home display



National Vine Pricing:
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Over 2,500 Bulk Vine Orders, please contact us for pricing: sales@NationalVines.com

Our vines are wrapped and sealed with 5 vines per package, so we please request that you try to order in multiples of five to expedite shipping of your vines. For each 5 vines you order, there will be roughly 3 bunches of grapes per bag. Thus, every five vines has three bunches of grapes. Each vine is nine foot in length, so every 5 vines you order (a typical bag of vines) is 45 feet in length of vines. 5 vines per bag at 9 feet each = 45 feet of vines with three bunches of grapes.

A few specific questions that are frequently asked about each individual vine are the following:

Question: Do the vines contain metal wiring inside them?
Answer: No, there is no metal at all inside the vines or leaves.

Question: How many leaves are there per vine?
Answer: There are 40 leaves per vine strand each of which is the standard 9 feet long.

Question: How far apart are the leaves?
Answer: The Leaves are roughly 4 inches apart from each other in sets on the vine strand, very realistic looking!

Question: How large are the leaves on the vine strands?
Answer: The leaves are approximately 4" wide by 3" inches long

Question: When do the first leaves start on the vine strands?
Answer: The first leaves start exactly 11 inches into the vine strand.

Question: Do the end of the vine strands have little plastic 'holes' so that I can pin them or hang them easily?
Answer: Yes, both ends of every vine strand are rounded in green so they can easily be hung or pinned.

If you have any more questions, please just let us know!

Free Tracking on all Vines Orders!!!
Example of a 9 Foot Plastic National Vine

- Try our National Plastic Vines, these are high quality Vines available in bulk at prices that will not get you lost in the briars....

We offer artificial vines and are expanding our plastic vine product line to include other items inclduing but not limitted to: artifiial flowers, flower pots, vases, flower beads, plastic flower boxes, plastic grapes, artificial leaves, and other tpes of fake vines and flowers. So if you do not see what you would like to purchase on our site now just send us an e-mail sales@NationalVines.com.or contact us and tell us how we can help you. We will try to get you a price on whatever it is you need.

Our goal is to provide quality products at competitive prices. Free Tracking on all Vine Orders!
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"I have to tell you, and I am sure you've heard it before...
You have the best looking, best priced plastic vines on the market"

- Peter S, New Jersey - USA

"I just wanted to tell you I don't like the vines....I love the vines!
I ordered them two days ago and they arrived today, talk about instant gratifiation..."

- Jennifer V., Florida - USA

"We needed the vines for a Corporate Event....It was easy to place the order...
....the vines are terrific....I love them"

- Carmen B., Brisbane - Australia

- Our Vines can be used both indoors or outside.
- They add the finishing touch towards realism and enhance any scenic designed room

Our vines can be found in various scenic design ranging from:
Jack and the Beanstalk Movie Production in Hollywood
MTV's Jungle Fever Set Design
British Museum Display, Floral Arrangement, London, England
Numerous Pubs in Australia
New Zealand & Australian Farms
A Golf Course in South Africa
Many Hotels & Recreational Facilities in Duba, United Arab Emerates
French Cafe's
Two Large Vineyards in Spain
Large Italian Wedding Displays throughout Italy
Up and Down the East Coast of the United States in various homes and garden displays
Production facilities
Movie Studio Sets
TV & Game Shows
Arts and Crafts Centers
AC Moore & Michaels Outlets
Home Projects
Accessory Items
Halloween, Hayride & Haunted Attraction Displays
Theater Design
Advertising for Philadephia's Annual Flower Show
Assembly Lines (vines wrapped around a vase for example)
Home & Garden Projects
School Projects
Museum Displays

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